Friday, March 14, 2008

That Moment Last Night

Last night, drifting away into la-la land, I was suddenly snapped awake, thinking of you. Tired and sleepy in the night that the air was stale and stuffy, you came to me like a breath of fresh breeze. That put a smile on my dopey face. Such a pleasant surprise.

This morning as I opened my email, there they were waiting for me 3 emails from you. There were pictures of you and there was the plan about traveling. Looking at the time stamp, I realized that you were writing me emails thinking of me as I was going to bed thinking of you. Though 13 hours apart, that moment last night, THAT moment, we were thinking of each other.

In Chinese, it's called ⼼靈相通 (xin ling xiang tong), meaning heart and soul connecting together.

Hey, what do you say about that?

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