Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Wake

The election over the weekend left a wake of shock, despair and euphoria. Like the thunder, the people's voice was more than loud and clear. It demanded attention with such forceful tone.
As the dust settled after the pouring rain, it was funny to see how different people reacted, rather than reconciled to the new political climate. There were some behaving with such dignity, accepting defeat, more importantly responsibility and bow out gracefully. They are moving on chin up. There were some simply being juvenile, no, more like childish, pulling pranks, throwing tantrums and refusing to face the music and playing hide-and-seek. Obviously, they have a lot more of growing up to do.

And me?

Just as the country was overwhelmed by the momentous outcome and pondering on the days to come, I resolved to my own therapeutic treatment to calm myself down.

I baked. I made a batch of carrot walnut muffins.


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