Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lazy Man Lunch: Baked Dory Fillet

Simply lay some vegetables on a greased tin foil. I had got crushed garlics, crushed shallots, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced celery and mushrooms. Season the vegetables with pepper and Worcestershire sauce (I ran out of wine. Damn it!). Place the dory fillet atop the bed of vegetables, sprinkle some pepper, drizzle some olive oil, and squeeze in juice from half a lemon. Fold the whole thing into an envelope and slide it into a mail box. No, I mean into a preheated oven. How long to bake obviously depends on how huge the slab of fillet is. My rule of thumb is that the fish should be done when I smell the tantalizing fragrance coming from the kitchen.

Now let's eat!

Another tasty lunch the lazy man style: Prep time 10 minutes. Cook time err I did not time it, but it should be no more than 15 minutes. Clean up time 0 minutes.

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Celestial_star said...

You are such a good cook! Your dory makes me feel hungry....