Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey Fatso!

Not me!

Apparently I'm getting thinner. It was indeed a popular consensus.

"You look skinnier again. Your face is dull and pale, not healthy." Mom said to me over the Chinese New Year.

"Are you losing weight? Look at your face with those sunken cheeks, are you eating properly?" Grandma said to me, again over Chinese New Year when I was home.

"What happen to you? You are getting thin!" Exclaimed one of my aunts, with such concern.

As usual, I brushed these aside with a smile, then assured them that I'm doing ok, eating well and exercising regularly. Neither losing or gaining anything. Let's face it, we are never 'fat enough' for our mothers. And those 'concerns' from my grandma and aunts, they are practically the opening remarks from the relatives that we see like twice a year.


"Hey what happen to you? You are getting thinner lately." The receptionist at my gym, whom I shamelessly flirt with all the time, asked me.

And then...

"Dude, I notice you are getting slimmer, pretty obvious around the neck and shoulder area." A gym mate said to me in the changing room after one of over killer yoga session. "Even L (another gym mate) mentioned that to me." He added.

No shit!

No, I mean... SHIT! These are the people I see regularly and it bugs me a little, no, a lot, hearing these remarks from them. It certainly got me worried if I've over-trained at the gym or it was a symptom of some illness. Well, I do get tired easily lately and the energy level is low too. Am I sick?


I came across a scale last week. Gingerly I stepped on it. Taking a deep breath and my eyes shutting tight, I braced myself to look at the scale.

"What the fuck?! Are you kidding me?"

I've hardly lost an ounce. (I'm not telling you how much I weigh!)

That just proved one thing, what is popular may not be right.

Eyes lie, but the scale never.


LUaNNE said...

ya ya ya, you sure your scale doesn't lie. then there's only one explanation, those around just got fatter. but ah, how come? my scale also doens't lie wat....

Boonsky said...

Oh another thing, like Shakira's, my hips don't lie too. :)