Friday, March 07, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Even though I'll be waking up at the crack of dawn and dashing down the highway heading home on a Saturday, I'm pretty excited about tomorrow. I'm all happy and jittery because I'll be casting my ballot for the very first time tomorrow.

That's right, I'll be losing my voting virginity tomorrow.

As certain as death and taxes, voting is the only thing guaranteed in the constitution our democracy. It is simply untouchable. It's incredibly mighty. It's almost sacred. Well, it is indeed sacred. Voting empowers us to take charge of our destiny.

That's right, Malaysia is going to the polling stations tomorrow to elect their new government.

It's our privilege to vote. It's our right to vote. Its our duty to vote. So we MUST vote. I don't care who you are voting for but you MUST go out there and put the x next to whichever box you fancy. Just do it. And please, please, please don't throw your vote away but spoiling your vote. That's a cardinal sin and you'll get bad sex, no, you'll get no sex until the next election should you cast a spoilt vote. Don't you dare screwing it up. Do it right, people!

Like the song Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard: "Raise you hopeful voice you have a choice you've made it now"

This time around, we the people are calling the shot.

Now who's your daddy?

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