Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Morning Madness

I went to the field last weekend, the oil field. The field was located in the south, an hour flight away. I was anticipating a challenging field trip, as the condition and environment in the south and out in the field is extremely basic and rough, harsh even.

But the most challenging part of the whole trip, was getting through the airport security. Now who would've guessed that? When I got to the domestic terminal at the airport, the entrance was already packed full to the brim. In fact people were spilling outside. Needless to say, there was no queue, just a lot of pushing and shoveling, as well as a lot of yelling, and possibly swearing, in Arabic. Everyone was trying to get through. I stood in a line, or what I thought was the line for a good 10 minutes. It was not moving at all, just more shuffling and cutting queue, complete chaos. What a commotion!

It turned out to be the luggage security scanner.

Why can't everyone just line up, put their luggage on the conveyor belt and leave it to the officer to do the checking , then walk through the metal detector and pick up their luggage and get the fucking on with it?

"In Sudan, nothing is impossible." My colleague, Z said to me. I've only been here a little over 4 months. There are so much more to discover, learn, adapt and adjust.

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