Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Place of My Own

I've got my own place! FINALLY!

Since I'm now in Sudan, arrangement was made for my lawyer to deliver to keys to my condo, no, my bachelor pad, to my sister over the weekend. So yesterday I called her and she confirmed that the transaction had taken place and she successfully secure the merchandise. Such an covert operation indeed. I then call her again when she get to my bachelor pad to check that everything was in place. Well, almost everything, 2 table lamps were missing and the AC unit in the living room did not seem to be working. Small matter. I can always get my own table lamps and had the AC fix in no time when I get home.

After years of being a commitment-phobe (financially), I decided to buy. Then after years house hunting, viewing, price negotiating, wheeling and dealing, considering location, amenities, appreciation value, feng-shui, cool-factor and all, I had my eyes locked on this one. But just after I signed the sales and purchase agreement, I was relocated to Sudan for work. What followed were months of back and forth Khartoum-KL calls and emails and text messages with the vendor and the lawyer and the bank and my sister on the paperwork and the documents and the loan agreements and the balance payment and the handover date and the keys.

Now, done deal. I got my bachelor pad!


Now, the bank own my ass.

But still, yay!

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