Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Pot Wonder

On my weekly grocery run last week, I scored a great deal (I think) on some bake-ware: a 9-in square glass baking dish and a 4-in diameter casserole dish with cover for 35 Sudanese Pound. Quickly I put them into action, by making this one pot wonder chicken pie.

Everything diced: button mushrooms, carrot, onion and chicken breast. Then vegetable sauteed for a couple of minutes before chicken and frozen peas added. A couple spoonful of canned white-sauce (I cheated) for pasta and milk stirred in and brought to a simmer. Here I also mixed in some homemade croutons from my stale bread to pump up the volume of the filling then put it in my brand new casserole dish. Cheese grated generously on top. Finally covered the dish with a piece of rolled out store bought pastry (I cheated again) and baked in the oven until the pastry puffed up voluptuously and turned beautifully golden brown.

Get ready to tuck in.
I think I rolled out too hard on my pastry it got compressed too much. Hence it did not puffed up. Oh well, yummy nonetheless.

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